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100% free and easy tax filing for all.

This year, filing your taxes is a breeze—you can file right in the Varo app with Column Tax! It’s easy, guaranteed to get you the maximum refund³, and 100% free. Best of all, you can get your refund deposited directly up to your Varo Account up to five days early.⁴

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So many great reasons to file with Column Tax

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    All tax filing situations are 100% free

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    Filing your taxes takes as little as 15 minutes to complete¹

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    Maximum Refund

    No errors² and maximum refund guaranteed³

Make the most of your tax refund with Varo

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    Early Refund

    Get your tax refund up to 5 days early⁴

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    High Yield Savings

    Earn up to 5.00% Annual Percentage Yield on your refund in a Varo Savings account⁶

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    Help Build Credit

    Spend your refund using Varo Believe Card to help build your credit⁵

When will I be able to start using Column Tax to file my taxes?
How can I access Column Tax?
Can I file both my federal and state tax return using Column Tax?
Is Column Tax free for any Varo user?
Will I get my tax refund early with direct deposit?

Column Tax will be available in the Varo app for you to begin preparing your tax return on or around January 8, 2024. Certain information from your Varo account will be automatically pre-filled in Column Tax so you can spend less time completing your return and be ready to go when the IRS begins to accept filings in late January.