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Automatic savings tools


Turn on our automatic saving tools to grow your money without lifting a finger. We’ll round up your spare change and tuck away a bit of your pay, so you can reach your goals faster.

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Save Your Change

Round up to save up. So you can live it up.

There’s an easy way to turn all that spare change into a big chunk of savings: Save Your Change. When you spend, we automatically round up to the next dollar and transfer the change from your bank account to your savings account.

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Save Your Pay

Save your paycheck from yourself.

Some people are good about stashing away part of their paycheck every month. Most are not. That’s why we have a set-it-and-forget-it tool like this. Just turn it on, choose how much to save, and we tuck away that percentage for you, straight into your Varo savings account.

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Sign up for Varo Bank and Savings accounts in less than two minutes. It’s free, easy, and there’s no credit check required.