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Early direct deposit

Access your hard-earned paycheck before it’s available at traditional banks.1

How early direct deposit works

1. Employer submits payroll

Your employer submits payroll files to the Federal Reserve to start the direct deposit process.

2. Fed notifies Varo

The Fed notifies Varo of the amount of money you should receive with that deposit post.

3. Money gets deposited

We deposit your money in your bank account as soon as we receive the direct deposit notification.

4. Get paid early

For most Friday paydays, we get the alert from the Fed on Wednesday, so you may get your money faster.1

Varo mobile banking dashboard How early direct deposit works

Pay bills earlier, sleep better

Sleep soundly knowing you can pay your bills up to 2 days early. With Varo early direct deposit, access your paycheck before it’s available at traditional banks.

Get paid two days early Early payday with early direct deposit

Save more, fast

Early direct deposit lets you get paid sooner so you can start saving and earning with a high-yield Varo Savings Account.

Save even easier using our automatic savings tools.

Saving more with Varo Saving more with Varo

No time like tax time

Set up early direct deposit your Varo Bank Account and you could get your refund up to 2 days early.2

Get paid two days early Early direct deposit

Get started

Open a Varo Bank Account to receive early direct deposit. No credit check required.