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Banking with no hidden fees

No hidden fees means no hidden fees.

Bank fees suck. So we got rid of all the annoying ones. Because your hard-earned money is your money. And we want to help you keep it that way.

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Our fee-losophy: keep your cash.

You earned it, so you keep it. Other banks and money apps charge all sorts of crazy fees just to use your money. And that’s exactly why we created a bank account with no unexpected fees attached. You can see a list of our fees here.


No monthly fees

No WTF fees. More money for you.

Get yourself a bank account with no hidden fees. You won’t be charged to deposit checks, use your debit card, or withdraw cash at 40,000+ free ATMs.¹

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No overdraft fees

See you never, overdraft fees.

Our bank account has built-in guardrails that only let you spend what you have. And if you do go over, no extra charge.²


No Zelle® fees

Sending cash shouldn't cost you.

Pay and get paid by all your people for free using Zelle® or Varo to Varo transfers in the app.³

Monthly fees add up.⁴




Chase Total Checking


Bank of America Advantage Plus Banking


Wells Fargo Everyday Checking

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Ditch bank fees for good.

Sign up for a Varo Bank Account in less than two minutes. It’s free, easy, and there’s no credit check required.

Does Varo offer a checking account?
Looking for online banking without all the crazy fees?
How much does a checking account typically cost?
Is this a fee-free, basic bank account?
What specific fees do I avoid when I open a Varo account?

The Varo Bank Account is our equivalent of a checking account. Use it to manage your daily cash flow, pay bills, spend with a debit card, get direct deposits, deposit checks, as well as send and receive money. The account doesn’t have paper checks, but you can make purchases with your debit card, transfer money with Zelle® or pay bills with ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers. Added bonus: Fewer hand cramps from writing out all those checks.