Varo Cash Advance

Get up TO $500 to COVER THAT...

Life happens, and sometimes you just need a quick safety net—that’s what Varo Advance is for.¹ Once you bank with us and qualify, we’ll spot you up to $250.² Then you can work your way up to $500 over time– one of the highest amounts around.³

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Borrow what you need. Right when you need it.

Up to $500





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Borrow fast

Money in your Varo Bank Account. In literal seconds.

If you’re running low on cash or need a little extra cushion when bills, rent, or medical expenses are due, just spot yourself the money you need with Varo Advance. The cash will land in your Varo Bank Account—immediately. 

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Affordable loans

Borrowing shouldn't break the bank.

If you qualify, our cash advance fees are flat and fair. What you see is what you get.

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You Pay





















No Sketchy Stuff

Fair and flexible. The way loans should be.

When you get a spot with Varo, you’re in control of how and when you want to pay us back. You get plenty of time—a full 30 days. And interest? We’ve got none of that.


Most Cash Advance Apps

Most Payday Lenders

0% APR

0% APR

Above 0% APR

No Tip

Tip Requested

No Tip

Repay within 30 days (your choice)

Repay next payday

Repay next payday

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Borrow easy

The most convenient safety net, like, ever.

A flat tire. Medical bill. That trip to the vet. When the unexpected hits hard, we’ll spot you the cash to get you through the moment.  Just a little safety net to remove a little stress from your life. 

How to qualify and work your way up to $500

To get started, move your paycheck over to Varo and continue to bank, borrow, and make on-time payments to work your way up to $500 over time².

  • Unlock higher amounts with larger direct deposits.

  • Add $800+ in qualifying direct deposits to get your first spot.

Already a customer? See if you qualify.


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Sign up for a Varo Bank Account in less than 2 minutes and add $800 or more in direct deposits¹. It’s free and there’s no impact to your credit score.

How do I qualify for Varo Advance?
Do you have to pay back a cash advance?
Does a cash advance hurt my credit score?
How does a cash advance work?
How much can I borrow with Varo Advance?

You’ll qualify for an Advance if:

Your Varo Bank Account is active (not closed or suspended) and in positive standing.

Your Varo Bank Account and/or Savings Account has an available balance equal to or greater than $0.00.

You’ll need at least $800 in total qualifying direct deposits to either your Varo Bank Account or Savings Account, or both combined (either this calendar month or last).

We’ll check your eligibility for a Varo Advance daily. If you qualify, you will see the Advance amount available to you by tapping on Varo Advance on your Varo app’s home screen and then applying for an Advance in the app. If approved, you can then get an Advance immediately.

We will check your eligibility to see if you qualify for higher limits based on your account balances and activity, direct deposit history, Advance repayment history, and other risk-based factors.