Savings Calculator

See how much savings account interest you can earn.

This savings interest calculator can help you figure out how much savings account interest you could earn on your money. Here are terms to know:

Initial balance: How much money you deposit into your savings account when you open it.

Monthly contributions: How much money you can deposit into your savings account each month.

Annual Percentage Yield (APY): A percentage rate that shows the total amount of interest you’ll earn on your account balance during one year. APY is based on the interest rate and how often the interest compounds.

Years to grow: The number of years your savings account has to grow.


A High APY Means You Could Earn More

When it comes to Annual Percentage Yield, the higher the better. Right now, the national average APY is 0.10%.

A high-yield Varo Savings Account has one of the highest rates in the country so you can earn savings account interest that really makes a difference.


How We Calculate Your Savings

Our simple savings calculator multippes your initial balance by the annual percentage yield on your savings account. To calculate the interest you could earn, this savings calculator also takes into account the number of years you have to save and any monthly contributions you’ll make.

The interest you earn can either be simple or compound. Simple interest is based just on your initial balance, while compound interest is based on your initial balance plus any interest earned on your balance. You can earn compound interest every day with Varo’s high-yield savings account.

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