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Introducing Varo

Start building credit with no minimum upfront deposit. No annual fees. No APR.

Apply for a Varo Bank Account today and start qualifying for the Varo Believe Program.

Building credit has never been easier


Add money to your Vault to set your spending limit. (Don't worry. You can move what you don't spend.)*

Pay your monthly balance on-time automatically. Avoid runaway debt.**

We'll report your payment history to the 3 major credit bureaus.

Monitor your score directly on your Varo Bank app for free.

Changing the game so that you’re in control

Varo Believe Program has: Other programs for building credit may have:***
No pre-set security deposit As much as $500 up-front deposit required1
Flexibility to pay off balance with secured deposit Fully-locked security deposit for the program lifetime
Applying does not impact credit score Inquiries can negatively impact your credit score
No monthly account fees Many fees
No APR Up to ~23%2
Avoid runaway debt Risk of getting trapped in debt

What we look for


A minimum of two direct deposits totaling $1000 or more in the past 90 days.

Active use of your Varo Bank Account without any negative balances within the last 90 days.

Additional qualifications apply.

Start qualifying for Varo Believe.

Get a Varo Bank Account today!

Applying won’t impact your credit score.


How is my credit limit determined?

The Varo Believe Program offers a new kind of credit card. You can make everyday purchases with your Varo Believe Card up to your credit limit.**

How could the Varo Believe Program help increase my credit score?*

Varo Believe offers a credit card with credit reporting that has the potential to increase scores when you consistently make on-time and in-full payments. Every time you make a purchase or take a cash advance from an ATM with your Varo Believe Credit Card, the amount you have spent is set aside in your Vault Account to secure your monthly payment. With on-time payments, you can build a positive payment history, which can help improve your credit score. Varo will report on your payment history to the 3 major credit bureaus which can help you build your credit history. Note, we’ll also report a negative payment experience. On-time payments are critical to building a positive credit history.

What if I make a late payment? Will it impact my credit score?

When you use the Varo Believe Credit Card, money you’ve deposited into your Vault will be used to secure the amount of your purchase to ensure you can pay your statement balance each month on-time and in full. If you don’t pay your monthly statement balance on time, you’ll be charged a late fee of $15.00 and late payments could reflect negatively on your credit report. In order to keep using the Varo Believe Credit Card, you need to make on-time payments; late payments may cause you to lose your ability to use the product.

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