Banking needs a force for good.

We help you make progress with your money.


Banking for all

Every person, regardless of net worth, should be treated fairly by a bank that wants them to succeed.

We mean every person. Varo has no tolerance for discrimination—not based on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability, or any other basis of discrimination. Everyone is welcome at Varo today, and everyone will be welcome tomorrow.

We believe...

…banks should be a force for good.
And they should help people live better lives.

We believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect.
And that net worth does not equal self-worth.

We believe your bank should be in your corner.
And should never make money by taking advantage of you.

We believe your bank should help you make progress.
And be totally transparent.

We actually help.


How we make money

We only charge one fee to make money, and that’s when you use an out-of-network ATM. So how do we keep the lights on?

Every time you use your Varo Visa® Debit Card, the merchant pays us a small percentage of the transaction. We also make money from our partners when you take advantage of their offers. To get to where we are now, we’ve raised funds from investors who believe in our mission to help everyone improve their financial life.


A word from our founder.

“We’re building a bank from the ground up to improve the financial health of our customers through better technology and total transparency.

From the start, our team has paired banking veterans with tech experts to build a mobile-only bank account that makes smart financial choices easy.”

— Colin Walsh, CEO and Co-Founder

Varo leadership

Deep Varma headshot

Deep Varma
Chief Technology Officer

Marina Gracias headshot

Marina Gracias
General Counsel

Wesley Wright headshot

Wesley Wright
Chief Commercial and Product Officer

Thibault Fulconis headshot

Thibault Fulconis
Chief Financial Officer

Carolyn Feinstein
Chief Marketing Officer

Halle Hutchison headshot

Halle Hutchison
Chief Brand Officer

Philippa Girling headshot

Philippa Girling
Chief Risk Officer

May O'neal headshot

May O’Neal
Chief People Officer

Jakub Jurek headshot

Jakub Jurek
Chief Data Officer

Lisa Violet
Chief Auditor

America's first digital consumer bank

Varo was founded to make a powerful impact on systemic financial inequality that Americans have experienced for generations—and Varo’s founders knew that to tackle this head on, we needed to be a chartered national bank. This was a truly trailblazing strategy—no charter had ever been issued to a consumer fintech.

After a three year quest, Varo was the first US consumer fintech to receive a national bank charter from the OCC. The national bank charter allows Varo to deploy its proprietary, cutting-edge technology and directly innovate across a range of financial products to improve the financial health of the millions of Americans who have been overlooked and underserved by the traditional financial system.




Official opening of Varo Bank, N.A.


OCC approval for national bank charter


Series D Close


FDIC approval for deposit insurance


Varo 2 Varo Launch



No Fee Overdraft Launch
Web browser channel launch


Series C Close



Android Launch


Received preliminary approval from OCC for national bank charter


Salt Lake City office opening


Series B Close



Filed for national bank charter with the OCC Varo Savings Account Launched


iOS public launch



First customers join Varo in our Beta on iOS


Series A Close



Varo is founded in San Francisco

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