Our story
We’re in it to help you make progress.

Whatever that may look like, whoever you are.

When you take real steps forward, so do we.

Varo Content Image
Varo Content Image

Colin Walsh, CEO and Co-Founder

“I look forward to the day when all consumers can enjoy the things that were once only available to people who had money.” 

Our reach.

It’s our mission to make financial inclusion and opportunity a reality for all by empowering everyone with a goal to move their lives towards it.




Saved for customers

2,900,000 PTS

Raised in credit scores

Customer testimonial
“Varo Helped me get the apartment of my dreams.”
Customer testimonial
“I like Varo because they don't charge overdraft fees.”
Customer testimonial
“It's helped me breathe easier, being able to see the credit score in the app.”

Our exec team