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Minimum Requirements to use Varo App including Mobile App, Web App, and Varo Webpages (together, the “App”).

The current list of browsers and operating systems compatible with the App which you need to access, view, and retain electronic communications that we make available include: 

  • an Apple iPhone running iOS version 14.0 or higher or
  • an Android device running Android OS 7.0 Nougat or above and access to the Google Play Store, or;
  • a personal computer capable of running one of these compatible browsers:
    • Microsoft Edge version 81.0 or higher; 
    • Firefox version 72 or higher; 
    • Safari version 13 or higher; 
    • Chrome version 81 or higher, and;
  • access to an active email account with an Email service provider. 

While you may be able to access and retain the communications using other hardware and software, we recommend that you use the latest version of the supported browsers or Varo App available, keep your security settings up to date and that you enable JavaScript. In certain circumstances, we may need to block certain browsers and software from accessing the Varo App due to possible security risks and may not be able to inform you in advance.

We may update these requirements as necessary to preserve the ability to receive electronic communications. If there is a substantial change in these requirements, you will be notified of the changes to the extent required by law

Why update your browser?

  • Certain features of the App may not function properly with unsupported browser versions
  • Up-to-date browser security for accessing the App
  • Better experience throughout the App and with Varo
  • Additional defense against hackers and identity thieves