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2022-23 School Year: Varo Teaches 100K+ Students the Power of Saving

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In September 2022, Varo Bank announced the launch of SaveUp, a free middle school savings curriculum designed in strategic partnership with social impact education innovator, EVERFI as a part of our Money Power program.

Today, we are happy to share that we have reached an incredible milestone. Following the start of the introduction of SaveUp into classrooms just nine months ago, this free, digital curriculum that teaches the importance of saving, how to budget, how to open a savings account, and how savings can help reach personal financial goals has now been used by over 115,000 students across all 50 states.

SaveUp has reached nearly 2,400 schools, and we will continue making a difference in the lives of students and their families by providing them with the knowledge and tools to begin building a strong savings foundation as well as the opportunity to learn and practice savings techniques before facing larger financial decisions in adulthood.

Throughout the school year, many Varo team members took part in virtual and in-person opportunities to connect with learners who completed the course and truly felt the impact that this education is making.

The impact of this financial education is backed by both our fundamental belief and mission that access to this type of education is necessary for all through the course alignment with Jump$tart National Standards for Personal Finance Education. Following completion of the course, surveys, assessments, and testimonials are collected from students including those featured in the video below. Students who completed SaveUp increased their knowledge in areas on topics such as identifying the difference between wants vs. needs, and the importance of emergency savings. 

Watch the full video here.

Our pride in these incredible accomplishments and the difference that this education is making would not be possible without the support from educators and their dedication to preparing their students with life skills beyond their classrooms. 

To teachers everywhere – Thank You.

To all – please join Varo in celebrating a successful 2022-23 school year!

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