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Moments of Progress: Bryan

Managing money with the help of Varo Advance

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It’s never fun being in a pinch for money. When Bryan was strapped for cash he started looking into taking out an advance—but a lot of the cash advances he found had large fees and impossible terms. Luckily for Bryan, he came across Varo.

“It made me feel relieved because when I was signing up, I was in a rush for money,” Bryan explains.

The Varo Cash Advance is a small line of credit and lets you borrow up to $5001, which can come in handy before payday or when there are unexpected bills that come up. By joining Varo, Bryan was able to access the advance and get the money he needed. 

“It helped me right out,” Bryan says.

Having had such a great first experience, Bryan knew there were other people that would benefit from joining Varo. His dad had recently informed him that he was on the lookout for a new bank and Bryan immediately told him about Varo.

“[I told him] there’s this bank that allows you to get the money fast,” he said, acknowledging they had both been frustrated with long transfer times with other banks in the past.

Bryan’s dad signed up through Bryan’s referral link and they both received the referral bonus, which made him feel even more confident in Varo. Soon thereafter he started using more and more of the Varo features, like Varo to Anyone.

“Varo to Anyone is great,” Bryan says, “I can send money to anyone who doesn’t have a [Varo] account.”

Varo to Anyone comes in handy when your friends have other banks and you don’t want to download a million different apps just to send them money. For Bryan, who likes to go out with his friends, this is a super helpful feature.

“It’s easy to use,” Bryan explains, “you just put the phone number and just send the amount that you want to send and that’s it. They just get the link and they get the money.”

Bryan has just begun his journey to better his finances, but he has big dreams and goals he hopes to achieve. He’s currently working towards one day being able to start his own graphic design business, and by using all the Varo products he knows he’s taken a step in the right direction.

“Varo has helped me with my finances,” Bryan says, “It actually makes me feel more confident because I have more control of my money and where I spend it.”

Get started today or click to learn more about Varo Advance!

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Testimonials reflect real life experiences of customers who have used Varo Believe. The results apply to the individual’s circumstances, including their specific credit history and activity. Results will vary and may not be representative of the experience of others.

1 Varo Advance is a small dollar line of credit. Quals apply, including direct deposits to your Varo Bank Account. Once qualified, you can start borrowing $20-250 (based on account balances and activity) and work your way up to $500 over time. Visit for more info.


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