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No Fee Debit Card

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All Varo products and services mentioned below are contingent on opening a Varo Bank Account. Qualifications may apply. 

In a world where swiping or tapping your debit card every day is more of a necessity than a convenience, you deserve one that does away with the last thing you need—fees! 

Free debit cards that ditch the fees yet still offer the features you’re looking for can help you save your cash for the important stuff. Even better, they let you do more of your day-to-day banking without any sneaky fees holding you back.

That’s where Varo’s no fee debit card makes its grand entrance. If you’re over being charged just to use that debit card you need every day, look no further. When you open a Varo Bank Account, you’ll get a free debit card with no weird fees¹ and instant access to use it online.²

Here, we’ll dive into the many benefits of free debit cards as you embark on your journey towards freedom from fees.

Embrace the free virtual debit card revolution

Forget waiting. In an increasingly virtual world, you need instant access to a card that unlocks your ability to bank online AND make everyday purchases in person or online. With Varo’s no fee debit card, you say goodbye to fees and hello to using your debit card the way you want to.

After opening a Varo Bank Account, it’s easy to activate your free debit card:

  1. Open the Varo app, and look for the “Early access to your card” screen.²

  2. Tap “Yes, I want early access”.

  3. Move money into your account.

  4. Start spending using your digital card in your Apple® Wallet or Google® Wallet!

Now, YOU have the freedom to make purchases and manage your finances at your own speed.

No fee debit cards: A fee-free game changer

We know that every penny counts, which is why we got rid of those bank and debit card fees that prevent you from being your best financial self. Now you can save more, spend wisely, and keep those financial goals in plain sight rather than buried under a pile of unnecessary fees:

  • No fees to deposit checks: How you move money into your account shouldn’t matter. Your money is your money.

  • No fees to withdraw cash at 40,000+ free ATMs3: Think blocks, not miles to find cash fast using your free debit card. We’ve even got ATMs at stores you love: Walgreens®, CVS®, and 7-Eleven®.

  • No overdraft fees: We have built-in guardrails that only let you spend what you have with your free debit card, and if you do go over, there’s still no extra charge4.

  • Save Your Change with every swipe: Turn on our automatic saving tool to save a little whenever you use your debit card—and grow your savings a lot. We round up to the nearest dollar and transfer the spare change from your Bank Account to your Savings Account. It’s that easy.

Gone are the days of being burdened by pesky debit card charges that eat away at your hard-earned money as you try to build a more secure financial future. 

Fee-free security, protection and convenience 

That Varo Bank Account comes with a fee-free Varo debit card that you can store in your back pocket or on your phone—it also opens up a world of convenient benefits:

  • Need to make secure purchases online? Track your transactions effortlessly in the Varo app.

  • Lost your debit card? Lock it instantly from your Varo app and request a new one— we’ll send you a replacement. 

  • Wondering where those weird charges came from? Your debit card’s Visa Zero Liability5 Policy protects you from any unauthorized charges.

We’re all about helping you take control and secure your cash with a seamless banking experience that puts you front and center. 

Varo’s Free Debit Card: Your companion to financial freedom

It helps to look at free debit cards like this—as a catalyst for change in a financial system that can sometimes be against you. Perhaps it’s time to break through those other banks’ limitations and go with the Bank Account that includes a Varo free debit card and makes you the boss of your finances. 

What’s even better? You’ll have access to a bank account in your back pocket with no monthly fees, no minimum balance requirements, and no hidden charges.

With Varo as your companion, master the world of fee-free debit cards, put more of your money towards what matters, and pave the way to a brighter financial future.

Unless otherwise noted above, opinions, advice, services, or other information or content expressed or contributed by customers or non-Varo contributors do not necessarily state or reflect those of Varo Bank, N.A. Member FDIC (“Bank”). Bank is not responsible for the accuracy of any content provided by author(s) or contributor(s) other than Varo.

¹ Varo does not charge many fees.  A list of the fees we do charge can be found here.  

² Some customers will have immediate access to a digital debit card, which you can use for online purchases, or add to your digital wallet. For security and privacy reasons, digital cards are not available to all customers.  

3 There is no fee to use any U.S.-based Allpoint® ATM.  Varo charges a $3.50 fee for cash withdrawals at all non-Allpoint® (out of network) and all international ATMs. Additional third-party fees may be assessed by the ATM owner. All ATM fees will be charged to the Varo account used for each transaction.

4 We will decline or return transactions when you do not have enough money in your account to cover the charge. However, you could still end up with a negative balance if, for example, a transaction is approved for one amount, but then the actual charge is more than what you have in your account (like when you add a tip at a restaurant after the transaction for the meal was already approved).

This could also include preauthorized ACH transfers that are scheduled, recurring and/or pending but have not yet settled. If your account balance remains negative, activity will be evaluated and your account could be closed. Even if you have a negative balance, we will not charge you an overdraft fee.

⁴ You must notify Varo Bank immediately of any unauthorized use. See terms for specific restrictions, limitations and other details.

Apple® is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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