Welcome to the future of banking.

Fee-free and branchless.


Fee-free Bank Account using the Varo app.


1.50% Annual Percentage Yield Savings Account^


Apply for a personal loan in a few taps**

So many reasons to #SwitchYourBank.
Here’s three to start.

Varo card and app
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    Truly fee-free banking, we mean it. No hidden fees. No surprises.

  • 2

    Savings Account with 1.50% Annual Percentage Yield^.

  • 3

    Friendly Salt Lake City-based customer support, 7 days a week.

Download the app and apply for a Varo Bank Account directly from your phone.

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Varo can disrupt big banks and build a more cost-effective and consumer-friendly platform that appeals to Millennials

[Varo’s] mission revolves around helping customers improve their financial situation

Varo’s aim is to provide a suite of app-based tools for customers’ financial health

Varo Money is an app that could replace a traditional bank account

Varo is a no-fee, all-in-one banking solution aimed at millennials… if you’ve lost your free account, ‘come to Varo, you’re welcome here

Varo’s machine-learned algorithms detect customer’s income and expenses, and then predict outcomes over the near-term future — linked to a system of notifications, recommendations and tracking