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Varo Zelle

Send money securely with Zelle®

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Know and Trust

Only send money to people you know and trust.

Money moves fast with Zelle® ,directly from bank account to bank account within minutes 1 . Make sure you know and trust the people you’re sending money to, you can’t cancel a payment once it’s been sent if the recipient is already enrolled with Zelle® , so it’s important to get it right the first time.


Safe secure

Beware of payment scams.

If you send money to someone you don’t know for a product or service you might not receive (like paying for something in advance), you may not get your money back. Get more info on how to spot scammers pretending to be Varo.



Treat Zelle® like cash.

Money moves fast – directly into the enrolled recipient’s bank account 1 . Make sure you’re sending to the right person by confirming the first name displayed is the name of your recipient.


Safe secure

Get even more peace of mind from your Varo account.

When you use Zelle® in your Varo app, you also get top-notch security from your Varo account. All of your information is protected with the latest and greatest in industry-standard encryption technology (256-bit AES encrypted to be exact), and your deposits are FDIC-insured to up to $250,000 per depositor, per ownership category, per institution. Plus, you can lock and unlock your debit card instantly in the app if it ever goes missing.