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"How I Found What I Needed to Do for the Rest of My Life."

February 2, 2018

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In college, I was a visual art major. When I got into pastry at a more professional level, I found that it really served me- it was a really really fun blend of things that I love to do, and that's how I found what I needed to do for the rest of my life.


My name is Isabella Livingstone. I'm a pastry chef, and I love it because it's beautiful, challenging, and changing every day.


My mother, who is a fiercely creative woman, had her steadfast recipes like her banana bread that I remember the most. At some point, I told her that I wanted to bake, too! She said, “of course”, and taught me the way.


The  bakery Fantasy Frostings in South Pasadena was my first job in pastry whatsoever. I was promoted to Junior Decorator, which I really thrilled about it (I didn't know that was going to happen), and then I was promoted to Head Decorator.


That said, I was struggling with how much money I was making at the bakery, and I remember passing this restaurant, which is a really retro restaurant, and I grew up eating there. I noticed that they did "Fresh Pies and Cakes" in the window, and I thought, "Oh! They do"?! So I just emailed the owner of that place. They emailed me back: yes, they actually needed an assistant (part-time). I met with the owner and he gave me a call about a week later and said, I looked at your resume, and I think we can take you on full-time as a pastry chef! My response was emphatic: "That wasn't even a position you were offering, thank you! Yes, yes. Of course, yes”!


From my story, I would say that if you're persistent, and you put in the time, You can do anything.


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