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How to Make It in Young Hollywood When It Comes to Money

April 16, 2018

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Meet Candy Washington: a social media influencer, blogger, aspiring novelist, and budding actress who’s hustling to build her career in West Hollywood.

When Candy left behind her corporate job to pursue her passions, she was forced to take full control of her finances—and fast. Here are Candy’s top road-tested tips for those looking to improve their financial health:

Get your financial plan in order—before the money starts rolling in.

“You need to have a [financial] strategy and plan in place first—then the money can come. I used to think, ‘Oh, you know, when I make my first million, then I'll figure out what I'm going to do with it.’ But it's the opposite. It’s really smart to get a strategy in place, so then when you do get your come-up, you manage it correctly.”

Admit when you don’t understand something, and ask questions until you do.

“I think there's power in speaking up and in asking questions. If there is a post to my account that I don't understand, or if I'm getting a different APR on my credit card that's higher than I thought it would be, I will call them and ask them, ‘What are my options?’ It goes back to opening up the conversation and admitting to not knowing, and being open to learning—not thinking you're going to be judged, or you're stupid, or you're the only person who hasn't had it figured out.”

Whenever possible, save for a rainy day.

“When I had my corporate job, I would always make sure to have one-month expenses of rent and all of my bills in my savings account, just in case, God forbid, something happened and I didn't get any money that month.”

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