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Creating a Community of Inclusion and Protecting It

Lisa Violet
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I’m Chief Auditor at Varo, but I didn’t start off as a career banker. 

My path is one of intention.

I came to Varo to make a difference. And Varo is a new kind of company with a different kind of mission. 

At Varo, we’re creating a bank for a larger community and a financial system for everyone. 

It’s a lofty goal, but I’m certain it’s something our team can do.

Now, I’ve told you that we intend to change the system. Now, let me lay out how.

Varo was founded on three pillars: our mission, our product, and our technology.

Once again, we’re creating a bank for everyone. That is our mission.

Right now, there are many capable people living in America who have difficulty getting a foothold in the American financial system.

The first step is to invite them in.

That’s where our second pillar—the product—comes in. 

We want to offer bank and money solutions for everyone. Our bank accounts are just one tool for inclusion in our portfolio. 

Giving people bank accounts is the first step in giving them access to the financial system. In America, that access is needed for success.

In August, we became a chartered bank, and our charter allows us to offer our customers the bank products they need.

Our customers and inclusion are at the center of what we do, which brings us to our last pillar—the technology.

We are a technology first bank, which means we use our systems to empower our customers and help us create the best product for them. 

We talk to our customers every day to ask them what they need from their bank and we use the technology platform to gather data and deliver them the finished product.

The banking industry is changing fast and we’re proud to be a leader in creating this new inclusive world of banking.

Of course, with anything new there’s always risk.

Our bank charter empowers us to provide for our customers and develop products quickly, but it also represents for us the responsibility to protect the consumer.

That’s where auditing comes in.

People don’t often think of auditing as strictly tied to innovation, but it is. As Varo innovates with our technology and ecosystem, there are new risks. 

These risks require an innovative auditing team to provide assurance that they are being managed well. We need our customers to know that we have controls in place, so that they can trust us. 

And we do.

While we’re building a brand new system, it’s just as important that we safeguard our community members—old and new.

As the wider team builds the experience and product for an inclusive financial system that meets your needs, let me give you my word that my team and I will assure it is safe.

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