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10 Great Money Saving Apps

August 6, 2020

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Saving money is hard, but apps can help. 

Everyone has their own saving style, so try these until you find the one that works best for you.

Remember, the goal is to keep your money in your bank. The one that makes doing that easiest is the one for you.


Acorns is an investing app that rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and automatically pulls the change into an Acorns checking account. Then, the money gets invested. 

The investment Acorns makes with your money is based on your income and the goals you set within the app.


Qapital lets you set up rules for saving the way you like.

There are options that let you save a lump sum each month, round up purchases and save change, like Acorns. 

The money is put into a bank account, which you link up in the app. 

The app is subscription-based, with a few different levels of membership.


Mint is a personal money organizer. 

The app pulls info from your bank account, credit cards, and investment accounts into one screen so you can see it all in one place. 

The app tracks and organizes your purchases into your custom budget and it’s free to use.

Save Your Pay

Varo’s Save Your Pay is a self-plug, but the app stands on its own as a great way to save money. 

The concept is simple—choose a percentage and Save Your Pay will automatically take a percentage amount from your monthly deposits and put it into your Varo Savings Account.

You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget is like a personal budget coach. 

The app gathers all your bank and financial information in one place, then it tracks where you spend and gives you tips to reach your goals.

The app even offers online budgeting workshops, although it costs over $10 a month after the 30-day free trial.


Can’t decide how much to save each month? Digit will for you. 

The app looks at your bank account and uses an algorithm to suggest how much you can save each month.

Digit will automatically transfer money from your checking to savings account. 

Save Your Change

Another self-plug, Varo’s Save Your Change makes saving small amounts easy. 

The app is like a digital piggy bank that rounds each purchase to the nearest dollar and transfers it into your Varo Savings Account. 


Honey is a coupon app that automatically applies any coupons to purchases you make when shopping online. 

It’s a great way for all the online shoppers out there to save a few bucks every month. 

Peak Money

Peak money inspires you to save money for your goals. The app represents your financial goals as mountain peaks, and the app can track multiple goals at once. Peak Money tracks your savings towards the goals, and even offers a high-yield savings account to users. However, the app is subscription-based. 

Tip Yourself

Tip Yourself sets you up with a digital tip jar. 

You can tip yourself whatever you’re comfortable with. The app helps you reframe the idea of saving as something positive and fun.

These money saving apps are all different, but it’s important to use the one that works for you.

Everyone has a different relationship with money. Find the tools that complement your relationship.

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Julian Dossett

Julian Dossett

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