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Mercury in Retrograde: How To Improve Financial Communication

October 19, 2022

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How To Improve Financial Communication

What Is Mercury in Retrograde?

Mercury appears to reverse its path three times a year and traverse backward through the sky. In astrology, this period is known as “Mercury in retrograde.” Weird and creepy things can happen during this time, from tech disasters to difficulty communicating.

Some of the biggest issues people face during Mercury’s retrograde period relate to finances. Are you struggling to feel in control of your budget during Mercury retrograde 2022? Learning how to improve money management and financial communication could set you free.

When you’re prepared, managing finances is a cinch — no matter what the planets are doing. Keep reading for Varo’s tips and advice on how to navigate the choppy waters of Mercury’s reverse climb through the pretty-darned-awesome solar system 🚀.

How to improve financial communication

So, the planets are aligned — but not in the best way. It’s said that Mercury governs the following:

  • Relationships
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Logic
  • Travel
  • Information
  • Communication

If you’re in business — or just a living, breathing human being — it goes without saying that all the above impacts your daily life. Luckily, you can learn how to resist Mercury in retrograde’s sneaky gravitational pull. 

Aim to make communication around money as clear and simple as possible. Set clear boundaries and explain your reasoning in simple terms, if necessary. Whether you’re worried about individual or company finances, talking and taking action always beats avoidance and silence. 

How to Focus on your Financial communication

The following examples of financial communications can help you manage your money better and not let Mercury’s retrograde drain your balance:

  • Budget: Your budget should be a part of daily life. Set daily, weekly, and monthly spending limits. Get into the habit of not spending money unless you plan to in advance — aside from emergencies — to ensure you stick to it. 
  • Take notes: Write or use your phone or computer to create notes with reminders about your financial goals. 
  • Calendar reminders: Use a calendar to record all financial transactions. 
  • Banking apps: Check your banking app regularly to have a good sense of your spending habits.  This may be daily or weekly.   
  • Emails: Send reminders to people you may send and receive money from. Clearly communicate your expectations around money to make it as easy as possible to remind people to pay you back. 
  • Social media: Social media is a great place to seek out motivating quotes or affirmations from other people struggling to handle Mercury’s pull. YouTube is full of videos with advice about how to improve financial communication and make your money go further. 

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Keep it clear, keep it simple

Financial communications should never be overcomplicated or full of jargon. Thoughtfully plan messages or in-person discussions in advance, and be savage about trimming them. Use easy-to-understand language, and always be polite and calm. 

Money is a sensitive topic. Unnecessary complexity can confuse people and lead to further miscommunication. And as you’ve learned, communication is likely to be the main issue during Mercury in retrograde 2022. 

Know your audience to better navigate unpredictability

When Mercury’s in retrograde, people can be unpredictable. There’s never been a more important time to understand the expectations and preferences of people who owe you money or you owe money to.

Personalized communication

Money is one of the most personal and potentially explosive subjects you can communicate about. And that’s true whether Mercury’s in retrograde.

Personalized communication is more empowering and validating and feels more genuine to the other person. Instead of speaking about finances in general terms, customize communications depending on individual needs and preferences.     

How to improve money management

Below are four top tips to help you manage your money better this Mercury in retrograde 2022.

1. Plan, prepare, and perform

There’s no other time when the three Ps are more pertinent. If you’re a small business owner, need to get that rent check from your roommate or simply need to have a thoughtful conversation around personal finances with your significant other, think through what you want to say and what actions you need someone else to take in advance. 

2. Double-check everything

Double-check expenses, utility bills, verbal or written agreements, and anything else critical to your finances. And be super thorough — not paying attention to detail or allowing yourself to get distracted could lead to costly errors.  

3. Get organized 

Remember that in many cases, paying bills in full and on time is the key to financial success. To do this and avoid pesky late charges, make sure you have a financial calendar. Include all incoming, outgoings, and the correct dates and set up automatic payments wherever possible.

Remember that automated payments aren’t foolproof, and check your calendar and bank balance daily to avoid fines. 

4. Save your pennies

Poor cash flow 💲 is the bane of any individual’s existence. If you’re not saving for a rainy day, you’re asking for trouble when Mercury in retrograde swings around. 

You could even think about setting up a side hustle to supplement your income. Either save that extra money or use it to invest your main income into bills and future growth opportunities.  

What to do during Mercury in retrograde 2022

Let’s look at some other common, irksome setbacks to sidestep while Mercury temporarily backtracks:

  • Don’t leave the house at the last minute — take plenty of time to allow for travel disruptions
  • Back up all technology and have an alternative plan ready to go in case of issues
  • Avoid texting your ex (yikes)
  • Focus on making improvements to current projects rather than starting new ones 

To Sum up Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury in retrograde doesn’t have to put the kibosh on your financial communication or money management efforts. You can make the most of it by planning, assessing, and getting your ducks in a row instead of going full steam ahead.

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