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From Bankhead to Buckhead, Varo is here to help everyone inside and outside the Atlanta area get ahead with their money — without many of the fees charged by banks in Atlanta.
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Did you know?

Varo is the first fintech to become a national bank in U.S. history.

A mobile-first bank with close ties to Atlanta

We believe in making financial freedom more accessible to everyone, so we’ve teamed up with leading Atlanta entrepreneur Pinky Cole. Together, we’re launching a giveback program to break down barriers for Atlantans and help them become financially and professionally empowered.

Pinky broke boundaries to achieve success on her own terms when she launched Slutty Vegan ATL, the plant-based Atlanta restaurant phenomenon with a national following. She has since founded the Pinky Cole Foundation to support others in their entrepreneurial dreams.


We ran a community-based sweepstakes to give folks a chance to win some of the professional and financial resources for success.

Their prizes included:

  • A year of mentorship and motivation through one-on-one conversations with Pinky
  • A year of financial coaching from our personal finance advocate Kevin L. Matthews II
  • Up to $1,000 cash

Stay tuned for future Varo x Pinky activities!

Here’s to you, Atlanta

We’re committed to celebrating and empowering the Atlanta community.

Supporting the up-and-comers 

In December, Varo and the Pinky Cole Foundation supported more than 40 Atlanta entrepreneurs with the funds to launch and run their small businesses.

Giving back to Atlantans
To support the opening of the fourth Slutty Vegan ATL location in Duluth, we surprised customers with free meals and gasoline cards to feed and fuel the Atlanta community.

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Your search for Atlanta banks ends here

Get a Varo Bank Account in Atlanta for free in minutes.

  • No hidden fees, no monthly fees, no minimums
  • No ATM fees at Allpoint® ATMs in stores like Walgreens and CVS1
  • Get paid up to 2 days early with direct deposit2
  • Instantly send money to anyone who uses Varo
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Fees for banking in Atlanta

Monthly Maintenance Fee Minimum balance to avoid monthly fee Overdraft fee
Varo $0 $0 $0 — we help you spend only what you have9
Wells Fargo3 $10 $500 $35
Chase4 $12 $1,500 $34
Bank of America5 Up to $25 $1,500 $35
Suntrust6 $7 $500 $36
Truist7 $12 $1,500 $36
Delta Community Credit Union8 $0 $0 $35

Did you know?

Atlanta has the highest average ATM fees in the country.10
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No branches, more savings

Varo has no physical bank branches, and that’s exactly how we save you money. Brick-and-mortar buildings require overhead costs like rent and utilities. Without branches, we can save money and offer accounts without hidden fees.

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