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⭐️Varo Line of Credit⭐️


Now, help boost your ranking by doing more of your banking with Varo. The more actions you take, the sooner you can get access to our new up to $2,000 Varo Line of Credit. If you qualify, you may be offered $600-$2,000, depending on your credit score and activity with Varo. Eligibility required.

If you’re not a Varo customer, join Varo and then join the Varo Line of Credit waitlist.

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Improve your spot on the waitlist

Take these actions to help boost your ranking and get access sooner. Eligibility required.

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    Use your 
Varo Bank Account
  • Illustration of check paystub
    Increase your Direct Deposit amounts
  • Illustration of a Varo Debit Card
    Spend more with your
Varo Debit Card
  • Illustration of a Varo Believe card
    Spend more with your
Varo Believe Card¹
  • Illustration of cell phone
    Borrow and repay on time with Varo Advance²
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    Pay your recurring bills with Varo³

    (mobile, cable, rent, mortgage, utilities)

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Varo Line of Credit

A new way to borrow

You asked for larger borrowing amounts, and we listened. With Varo Line of Credit, you can borrow between $600 to $2,000 depending on your credit score and activity with Varo, with no interest—perfect for unexpected expenses or emergencies.

Benefits of borrowing with Varo Line of Credit

Up to $2,000 with no interest, affordable monthly payments, and so much more...

  • Flat Fee: A single affordable fee. No late fees or penalties.

  • Qualification: We value your relationship with us. The more you bank with Varo, the better your chances of qualifying for higher borrowing amounts.

  • Repayment: Pay it back over a number of months (not on your next payday, like other apps).

The Varo Line of Credit Awaits.

Start taking action today to move up the waitlist and get early access for up to $2,000. Eligibility required.