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15 Things To Do For Free This Summer

July 8, 2020

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Summer’s in full swing, and we’re sure you’re itching to get out and enjoy it.

No one says you need to break the bank to have a little fun. We’ve rounded up 15 free, fun, and safe ways for you to get that fresh air and vitamin D while social distancing. 

1. Visit your nearest botanical garden

While botanical gardens often charge a fee, many have free days on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Scope out your local garden’s calendar and plan a free day visit. You’ll get some time surrounded by natural beauty and might learn a thing or two about local flora, too. 

2. Bring a book to the park

Reading in the summer sun is a great way to pass the time. Visit your library for a fun book, then head to the park to dive into it. 

3. Plan a pantry stable picnic

You know those items that have been sitting in your cupboard for ages? This is the time to use them. 

Look up picnic recipes with your long-unused ingredients. Then, prep a meal you can enjoy al fresco and gratuito. Plus, you just freed up space in your pantry.

4. Tend your garden

Or yard. Or tiny balcony. Wherever you have outdoor space, give it some love and get it spruced up for summer. 

Throw on some tunes, pour yourself a cold drink, and get to it. You’ll fill an afternoon and you’ll give yourself a space to enjoy the rest of the warm season. 

5. Brush up on local history

What’s the oldest landmark in your town? Read up on its history, then, pay it a visit. 

You might be surprised how rich your local history is. This may be your summer of exploration. 

6. Pick up trash

Okay, hear us out. 

It may not sound like fun on the surface, but organizing a neighborhood trash pickup is a great way to serve the community and do some social distance socializing. 

7. Perfect your paper airplane

Take a note from The Office and step up your paper airplane game. A quick Google search will show you there are pretty much countless ways to crease your way to beating your personal record.

Invite your friends and neighbors to participate, too. This is another activity that works well under social distancing guidelines. 

8. Identify neighborhood birds

Birdwatching isn’t just for nature aficionados. Go to your local park or just outside your front door to see what birds hang out in your neighborhood. See if you can figure out what breeds are local to you.

9. Clean out your Christmas decor

Christmas in July? Let’s do it.

Pull out your Christmas decor and enjoy some festive cheer. While you’re at it, you can throw away old ornaments and clear up some storage space.

10. Meditate or do yoga

Meditation and yoga are both great for your overall health. But taking them outdoors and enjoying the fresh air takes the wellness benefits to the next level. 

11. Try plein air painting

The French have long painted en plein air, or outdoors. Take a page from their book and take your art supplies with you on a trip.

The outdoors will stimulate your creativity and don’t worry about cleaning up splattered paint. 

12. Hit a hiking trail

When’s the last time you were totally surrounded by nature? If you can’t remember, it’s time to change that. 

Find a hiking trail near you and set out. Bring water and clear your schedule There’s nothing quite like a long hike to clear your head.

13. Make your own bubbles

Sure, bubbles aren’t expensive. But why pay for something when you don’t have to?

Make your own bubble solution by mixing three parts water with one part dish soap. Or, if you want to get more advanced, check out these recipes for bigger, longer-lasting bubbles. 

If you’ve got bubble wands on hand, great. If not, you can use a toilet paper tube or reshaped wire coat hanger to make the magic happen. 

14. Stargaze

The fun doesn’t stop when the sun sets. Outside Magazine has a great guide to get you started. 

You’re in for a treat. The recent reduction in travel has made skies extra clear. 

15. Find free local events

A quick Google search of free events in your area should turn up at least a few hits. Most communities regularly offer free activities with a spike of things to do in the summer months. 

What item from this list looks the most fun to you? Start there to enjoy your summer, spending-free!

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