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Here's How You Can Support BLM Protestors In Your Area

June 8, 2020

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All across the United States, Americans are protesting the racism and police violence black and brown communities face. You can support by attending protests, helping organizers, or donating to the cause.

Below you’ll find a list of local Black Lives Matters chapters, bail funds, and activism organizations by state. 

While this list is long, a lot of activism is happening on social media, so check local hashtags on Instagram and Twitter for moment to moment updates.


American Civil Liberties Union
Historical organization supporting American civil liberties through advocacy and legal action.

Black Lives Matter
International rights organization campaigning against violence and systemic racism of black people.

Campaign Zero
Organization devoted to ending police violence.

National Police Accountability Project
Organization founded by the National Lawyers Guild to protect people from law enforcement.

Unicorn Riot
Non-profit media organization dedicated to exposing systemic social issues.


Justice for George Floyd
Justice for Ahmaud Arbery
Justice for Belly Mujinga


Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment
Grassroots organization fight for policies to improve communities all across California

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles
Black Lives Matter’s Los Angeles chapter.

People’s City Council Freedom Fund
A bail and legal fund for people protesting for support of people of color in the Los Angeles area.

Silicon Valley Democratic Socialists of America Bail Fund
A bail fund for people protesting in the larger Silicon Valley area.


Black Lives Matter 5280
Black Lives Matter’s Denver chapter.

Colorado Freedom Fund
A bail fund for Coloradoans.


Florida Bail Fund:
Bail fund to help people arrested protesting or violating curfew.


Atlanta Solidarity Fund
An organization devoted to providing resources to repressed protesters. 

Black Lives Matter Atlanta
Black Lives Matter’s Atlanta Chapter


Black Lives Matter Chicago
Black Lives Matter’s Chicago chapter.

Chicago Community Bond Fund
A bail bond fund for people charged in the Cook County area.

National Lawyer’s Guild Chicago
The National Lawyer’s Guild’s Chicago chapter.


Black Lives Matter South Bend
Black Lives Matter’s South Bend chapter.

Women4Change Indiana
An Indiana based non-profit devoted to creating positive change for women.


Louisville Community Bail Fund
A community bail fund to provide bail and post-release support to people arrested in the Louisville area.


New Orleans Safety and Freedom Fund
A community bail fund for people in the New Orleans area.


American Civil Liberties Union Maryland
The ACLU’s Maryland chapter.

Baltimore Action Legal Team
A legal organization devoted to promoting wellbeing in the larger Baltimore community. They also offer a bail fund.


A newsletter and social media page that details protests and other activism-related events in the Massachusetts area.

Black Lives Matter Boston
Black Lives Matter’s Boston chapter.

Massachusetts Bail Fund
A community bail fund that posts up to $2000 for people arrested in the Essex and Suffolk county areas.


Black Lives Matter Detroit
Black Lives Matter’s Detroit Chapter.

Black Lives Matter Lansing
Black Lives Matter’s Lansing Chapter.

Detroit Bail Fund
A bail fund for protestors in the Detroit area.


Black Visions Collective
An organization devoted to taking apart systemic oppression.

Circle of Discipline, Inc.
A South Minneapolis-based organization strengthening community relationships through growing mental, physical, and spiritual health.

George Floyd Memorial Fund
An all inclusive fund to support George Floyd’s family.

Minnesota Freedom Fund
A fund to pay bail for people protesting police brutality.

Pillsbury United Communities
A Minneapolis-based organization promoting social and economic equity.


Kansas City Community Bail Fund
A community bail fund for people based in Kansas City which is currently diverting all funds to protestors arrested during organizing against police violence.


NE Left Coalition
Omaha-based organization dedicated to promoting equality in communities through political action.

New York

Black Lives Matters New York City
Black Lives Matter’s New York City Chapter.

Brooklyn Bail Fund
A community bail fund for people in the Brooklyn area which disproportionately arrests people of color.

The Liberty Fund
A New York City charitable bail fund.


Columbus Freedom Fund
A community funded bail fund for protestors in Columbus.


PDX Protest Bail Fund
A Portland-based bail fund for protestors arrested speaking out against police violence.


Black Lives Matter Philly
Black Lives Matter’s Philadelphia chapter.

Bukit Bail Fund of Pittsburgh
A bail fund for people incarcerated at Allegheny County Jail.

Philadelphia Bail Fund
A revolving bail fund posting money for people in Philadelphia that can’t afford it.


Black Lives Matter Nashville
Black Lives Matter’s Nashville Chapter.

Nashville Bail Fund
A community bail fund supporting people in the Nashville area.


400+1 Bail Fund
A bail fund based in Travis County, Texas to help protestors speaking out against police violence.

Luke 4:18 Bail Fund
A bail fund run by Faith in Texas, a nonpartisan, multifaith grassroots organization advocating equality.

Restoring Justice Community Bail Fund
A community organization offering bail, legal services, and pending case trauma care to clients in the Houston area.

San Antonio Protester Freedom Fund
A bail fund devoted to bailing out protestors speaking out against police violence in San Antonio.


Richmond Community Bail Fund
A bail fund to help Richmond city community members who can’t afford to pay.


Northwest Community Bail Fund
A community organization providing cash bail for marginalized people incarcerated while awaiting trial in King and Snohomish counties, Washington.

Washington D.C.

Black Lives Matter D.C.
Black Lives Matter’s Washington D.C. chapter.


Milwaukee Freedom Fund
A bail fund put together by activist organizers to support protestors arrested speaking out.


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