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The 30 Best Holiday Gifts You Can Buy for Under $10

November 25, 2020

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While the holidays are looking a little different this year, one thing’s the same—you’re on the hook for presents.

If you’re scrambling for gifts and trying to save at the same, this is your moment. Keep reading.

1. Sprinkle Pen $5

Add a little sparkler to your giftee’s office or WFH setup with these pens

Our personal favorite is the iridescent oil slick option, but you can always choose any color you know they love. 

2. Reusable Straws $7

The eco-warrior on your list will love this gift. 

These straws come with a pouch so you can sip anytime, anywhere, and the cleaning brush comes free.

3. Photo Magnet $7.50

Frames are so last year. Put a favorite memory front and center on one of these photo magnet for a little more than the price of a Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

4. Small Letter Board $10

Everybody needs a letter board, but trust us this is the right size.

5. JVN Sticker $4

Nobody deserves encouragement quite like Jonathan Van Ness. (And we could all use a little extra, right now.) 

The signature mustache and pink Converse, will keep your friend pumped through the winter. 

6. Thinking Putty $10

It’s silly putty, but for stressed adults. It’s fun. It’s pretty. It’s putty. What else do you need to know?

7. Arctic Cable Nite $4

Anyone who’s fumbled half-asleep for a charging cable while half-asleep knows the pain. 

In comes the cable bite. Fact: tiny polar bears makes grabbing wires easier.

Also, available in baby penguin and seal. 

8. Everything Bagel Seasoning $7

This seasoning is the reason why everything bagels are the only bagels that matter.

It’s great on everything. Total foodie or a total loss in the kitchen—doesn’t matter. This stuff is guaranteed happiness in your mouth till it’s gone. 

9. No-Touch Tool $7

Keep your friends safe with this multi-use tool. It helps them avoid touching door handles and pressing buttons—and even serves as a bottle opener.

10. Lemon Wedge Tea Infuser $6

Gift them a nice cuppa with this stylish way to brew loose leaf tea.  

11. Inspirational Women Trivia Game, $10

Brush up on your knowledge on your fave femme leaders with this trivia game. It’s a no-brainer for any feminist on your list. 

12. Tech Wipes $8

Let’s be honest. All of our phones could use a good clean. Make it quick and easy with these wipes

13. Guess Who Game Upgrade $8

If you have an old Guess Who game laying around, give it an upgrade and give it to your friend who wishes they worked at Seattle Grace Hospital/Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital (if you know, you know). 

Note: you’ll need to print out these files and affix them to the game yourself. 

14. Wine Away Spray $8.50 

This stuff is amazing. And it’s a perfect gift for your wine-loving friend who’s a klutz, owns a lot of white, or both. 

15. Hand Sanitizer Keychain $7

Make it easier for your friend to keep their hands clean with this clip-on sanitizer. It’s hydrating and smells great, too. 

16. Taco Socks $10

These socks keep their feet warm and celebrate one of the world’s best foods. Win-win.

17. Personalized Ice Cream Pint Cozy $9

Sometimes you gotta eat the whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Some friends need this cozy so they don’t get frostbite.

No judgement. Just support.

18. Mario Badescu Face Spray $7

Fight that dry winter skin with this refreshing spray from a much-loved brand. 

19. City Coloring Nook $8

It’s a coloring book of cities. What else do you need to know? 

20. Veggie Spiralizer $7

Help them kick start their new year’s resolutions with this four-in-one spiralizer

21. BLM Pin, $10

Support the movement with this Black Lives Matter enamel pin

22. Burt’s Bees Gift Set $10

Treat them to a way to treat themselves. This little set has everything they need to keep their skin happy. 

23. Gratitude Journal $7

As pretty as it is meaningful, this journal can help your giftee see the world through the rose-colored glasses of gratitude.  

24. NYT Crossword Book $9.50

Give your giftee something to do that doesn’t require looking at a screen with these challenging-but-fun crossword puzzles

25. Kevin Spilling Chili Pin $10

It’s an iconic moment for any fan of The Office. Give them a pin to memorialize it. 

26. Apropo Bath Bombs $7-9

Pick them out the perfect bath bomb for a relaxing soak and a good chuckle. 

27. Flexible Water Bottle $7

Thanks to this water bottle, being eco-friendly and staying hydrated doesn’t have to take up a lot of space in their bag.

28. Champagne Gummy Bears $9

All we have to say is: yum.  

29. Reusable Tote $10

This tote packs tiny and looks great. It’s a gift they’ll use all the time. 

30. Lavender Eye Pillow $8

Bring the spa to them with this eye pillow. You can even choose a custom fabric just for them. 

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