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8 Free Workouts You Can Do From Home

August 19, 2020

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Remember the beginning of quarantine?

Yeah, we don’t either. 

While everybody was talking about getting in shape, if you’re like us, your main activity of the last five months was clicking from one Netflix show to the next.

But if you’re finally ready to get that body moving from the comfort of you home, check out these eight free workouts. No equipment needed.

Yoga with Adriene

There’s a reason Adriene’s YouTube channel has over 8 million subs. 

Her accessible, engaging teaching style makes yoga fun for everyone from newbies to experts. 

Her dog Benji’s regular cameos doesn’t hurt either. 

If you’re looking for something specific, she creates flows to target certain muscle groups or work out body pains, like sore wrists

Many videos are in the five-minute range, but you can put together an hour-long routine for a challenge by making a YouTube playlist. 

She says “find what feels good.” 

Give her channel a shot and you’ll be doing just that.

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender has tons of different workouts to choose from. 

Each workout lists how many calories you burn, what type of workout it is, how long it is, if equipment is required, and a few other different ways to sort.

You can search for workouts that fit your specific requirements or build out a custom routine by combining multiple workouts.

The Body Coach TV

Fitness coach Joe Wicks regularly uploads new videos to his YouTube channel, The Body Coach TV, which has more than 250 videos of all different levels.

Pre-COVID-19, he filmed all over the world so you’ll get plenty of scenery changes, too. 

Joe offers challenges if you like some guidance as far as a weekly workout plan.

On The Body Coach TV, there’s a little something for everyone, from seniors to kids. 

He’s even doing a PE series if you’re home with little ones.


Whether you’re looking for some high-octane cardio, a dance-based sweat session, or something to squeeze in your 30-minute lunch break, POPSUGAR Fitness has you covered. 

Their YouTube channel has tons of different types of workouts and they upload almost every day.

They live stream too, in case you miss workouts at your local gym.

Check their videos page to see they’re streaming schedule.

The 7-Minute Workout

All of these NYTimes workouts are quick and free, but they do the job.

The 7-minute workout is scientifically designed to give you fitness benefits in, well, seven minutes. 

Plus, all you need to do this workout is a chair and a wall. 

Workouts are 30 second exercises alternating with 10 second rests. 

If you’re pressed for time, this is the workout for you. 

One You

If you’re overwhelmed by options, One You is the workout program for you. It’s a simple three video routine put out by the United Kingdom National Health Service. 

One’s a cardio workout, one’s for strength-building, and one is for stretching. 

The simple videos and straightforward options give you a way to jump straight in. 

Billy Blanks Tae Bo Fitness

People who want to get their sweat on need to check out Billy Blanks’s YouTube channel.  

Blanks is a Taekwondo practitioner who developed Tae Bo, the high-intensity kickboxing trend you might remember from the 90s. 

Bike shorts are back in, and so is this workout style. 

Blanks will walk you through the program from the comfort of your living room.

(For the kids) Cosmic Kids Yoga 

If you have kids, workout time can fall on the backburner.

Don’t worry. YouTube has you covered. 

While you go do your own thing, you can set the kids up on their own Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

With stimulating backgrounds and friendly teacher Jaime at the helm, these short yoga adventures will keep the kids busy . 

You don’t need a sophisticated home gym to work out. 

You only need these free home workout videos and a little willpower, and you’re on your way.

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