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Budget-Friendly Father's Day Gifts and Things To Do

June 17, 2022

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Budget-Friendly Father's Day Gifts and Things To Do

Father’s Day is coming up, but you don’t have to break the bank to show your dad you care.

It’s the thought that counts, but that doesn’t mean he’ll know how much you saved. Here’s a list our favorite budget-friendly gifts and activities for you dad.


Lifetime REI membership
Best for: The outdoor dad.

He’ll be able to find the latest top-of-the-line gear while earning 10% back on everything he buys. If he’s not already an REI member, he’ll appreciate this gift for life.

Cost: $20

Coffee subscription
Best for: The dad who drinks more coffee than water.

A coffee subscription sends new beans to his door whenever he wants. This gift will protect your dad from waking up one morning and realizing he’s out of coffee—scary times.

Cost: Starts at $15 per shipment

Funny socks
Best for: The dad sense of humor.

When you’re a kid socks are the most boring gift, but like wine they get better with age. If you’re creative, you can find socks printed with your dad’s favorite sports team, swear words, or Bob Ross’s face.

Cost: Starts at $10/pair

Beard scissors
Best for: The lumberdad.

There’s nothing worse than trying to cut hair with dull shears. Make your dad’s grooming routine more enjoyable with beard and moustache scissors. 

Cost: $20

Taco cookbook
Best for: The dad who likes to eat.

Everybody loves tacos, including your dad. Legendary actor and dad Danny Trejo wrote a cookbook full of recipes and advice on creating authentic tacos, and it has great reviews so far. 

Cost: $20.40 for hardcover or $12.99 for Kindle

Exploding Kittens
Best for: The competitive dad.

Any tabletop game will do, but Exploding Kittens is hilarious and easy to learn. Get ready for some family friendly exploding feline fun.

Cost: $19.99



Things to Do

Go for a hike
Best for: The active dad.

This one’s easy. Look up a new trail and take him there.  Make sure you check the difficulty level of the path ahead of time and bring plenty of water.

Cost: Free

Go fishing
Best for: The fisher dad. 

If you can wrangle your old pole out of the garage, spend the day on your local river bank with the old man. Many dads would call this heaven. 

Remember to get a fishing license for the day if your area requires it.

Cost: $20 or less for the fishing license

Plan a wine or beer tasting
Best for: The dad who likes the finer things. 

Grab a few bottles and set up a tasting at home. Any dad who enjoys sipping a glass after work will appreciate it, not to mention his favorite brewery has been closed for months.

Cost: Around $20

Grill out
Best for: All dads. Bring over some meat and veggies, and help prep. 

You’ll get quality time for the price of a few burgers.

Cost: Less than $20 for the food

Go camping
Best for: The rugged dad.

Escape from the city with your old man. All you need is some food, a campsite, and the best ghost story you can think of.

Cost: About $20 for the campsite

Play a board game
Best for: The dad who just got Exploding Kittens (or any other tabletop game). 

Some dads prefer to stay home, and that’s okay.  Whip out the new boardgame gift. Loser makes dad breakfast in the morning.

Cost: Free

Even if you’re low on funds, you can make Father’s Day memorable. Be creative and more importantly: be present. Choosing something fun and affordable makes your bank account happy, but more importantly your dad.


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Tiffany Verbeck

Tiffany Verbeck

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