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7 Apps We Use All the Time

February 22, 2019

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We are always looking for ways to save time, effort, and money—and there’s nothing like a solid app recommendation to help you out on that front. We asked Varo staff to weigh in on the apps they love—here’s what they told us.

Best yet—all these apps, like the Varo app—are all available on iOS and Android.

Here are some of our favorite apps

  1. Tab Use this app to scan a restaurant bill and let everyone in a large group select what they got. Basically, this app has solved our problem of going out to dinner with 14 friends and splitting the bill.

  2. Ritual Great for ordering lunch and piggybacking off a friend who is on their way to pick it up. The app allows you to order ahead at popular places, collect rewards points so you can get a free meal down the road, and skip the line.

  3. MealPal Available in the biggest cities around the country, this app will get your lunch costs down to around $6 per meal. If that isn’t enough, it allows you to skip the line with a grab-and-go.

  4. ParkWhiz This app helps you locate all the parking garages near where you’re going—and shows their prices so you can nab the cheapest spots. Saves you a few bucks and lets you prepay so you’re in and out quickly.

  5. TripIt This app helps organize your travel itinerary in one place automatically. It connects to your email and automatically grabs flight/rental car/hotel information and brings it to the app. It also sends push notification reminders to check into flights (and you can check in from the app) and saves your boarding passes.

  6. Mobile Passport Another must-have app for travel, this can help you through customs and passport control more efficiently. Think flight, customs, and in an Uber in 10 minutes.

  7. Headspace This popular meditation app is very easy to use and understand. Most importantly, it requires little activation energy to login to the app so you can start to meditate as quickly as possible.

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