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Money Lessons from Mom (Hint: Save Your Money)

Editors at Varo
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On May 12, we celebrate Mother’s Day in the United States. To honor the wisdom of our mothers, we asked Varovians what they have learned from their moms — or taught their children — about money. Here’s what they told us.

Moms share money saving tips

Sarah Wilson

My mom pushed this habit into our brains — to never order a drink with dinner as a good way to save money when eating out! Drinks add up, and water is free!

Sarah Wilson (as a baby) and her mom.

Jennie Martzloff

What I told my daughter who was thinking about marrying her college boyfriend right after college is that she should find a job she loves and that will support her.  The goal is to have the financial flexibility to be able to make important decisions affecting other aspects of her life, like divorce, without having to worry if she could support herself.

Jill Godsey 

My mom taught me to pay cash for everything.  The only acceptable use of debt was a mortgage and education — and that’s what I have tried to teach my sons.

what I learned about money from mom
Jill Godsey and her son.
Rosa Baker (as a baby) and her mom.

Rosa Baker

My mom taught me how to read and write. Now I can do it in 3 different languages and I’ve been able to meet wonderful people, get so much knowledge, and travel because of that.

Catherine New

My mom has always encouraged me to ask for my value in the job marketplace — to always negotiate, ask for what I am worth, and not give away my work for free.

Sharon Valentine

Grow, sew, and make everything that you can yourself. There is no shame in making a mess and learning from your mistakes! Become your own home renovator!

Emily Kaehler (pictured in headline)

Jordan Campitelli (as a baby) and her mom.

My mom was a big saver–growing up she never spent money on travel or restaurants. She retired before she turned 50, and now she travels all over. I would like to teach my kids the difference between needs and wants, and how to set up basic money goals.

Patrick Pickett

My mom taught me to grocery shop. You can eat better food for cheaper!

Jordan Campitelli

My mom taught me the importance of saving. She urged me to invest in my 401(k), put 10% of my salary into a savings account, and pay off my credit card each month.

Genine Lobo (as a baby) and her mom.

Roxanne Cook 

My mom taught me how to shop frugally. She brought me along on trips to thrift stores and garage sales and showed me that I could get good quality items for a fraction of the cost. But she also taught me to spend money wisely. I can get a good bargain on something but if I’m not going to use it, I’m just wasting money. These days, I still love to shop thrift and find gems on Craigslist.

Genine Lobo

My mom loved shopping for stylish outfits, but she never bought clothes at full price. I’ve saved thousands of dollars by always purchasing items on sale or snagging the promo code to get the biggest discount.


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