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Varo Backup Line

Your Backup Line

Peace of mind from a Varo safety net.

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*Varo rate is accurate as of 11.24.2017. Keep in mind that this rate is variable and may change. Data is from as of 11.24.2017
**based on personal limit

Rates as low at 13.15%*

The Backup Line is still credit, so it’s important to compare rates and know your options. Short-term loans offer the same convenience, but at much higher rates. For life’s emergencies, the Backup Line is a cheaper alternative.

Fast and flexible

Once approved, funds are available within 10 seconds and can be used anywhere—you can even withdraw cash.

Available when you need it most

Unexpected medical expense? Security deposit on a new apartment? It’s okay to need financial support while you’re building your savings. We hope you won’t need to use your Backup Line—but it’s here if you do.

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Few startups try to compete with the big incumbent financial institutions head-on, but Varo is up to that challenge

Varo’s aim is to provide a suite of app-based tools for customers’ financial health

[Varo’s] mission revolves around helping customers improve their financial situation

Varo is taking a different approach: to meet its goal, it wants to become a full-on national bank

Varo’s machine-learned algorithms detect customer’s income and expenses, and then predict outcomes over the near-term future — linked to a system of notifications, recommendations and tracking