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Varo Advance Is Here

With Varo Advance, qualifying customers can get up to $100 and pay it back within a 15 to 30 day period of their choice.

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What Is an ACH Payment?

Every time your employer automatically deposits your paycheck into your banking account, you’ve received an

Person saving money while mobile banking with Varo

How to Send Money Online

It’s never been easier to send money online. But with so many options, it can

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Where is My Direct Deposit?

Receiving money electronically through direct deposit is often the fastest way to get paid these

Group of smiling Varo employees
Varo News

Why We Varo

It’s humbling to think that less than two years ago Varo was still an idea.

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7 Apps We Use All the Time

We are always looking for ways to save time, effort, and money—and there’s nothing like

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Varo News

A Very Varo Holiday Greeting

Happy holidays from Varo We’re really proud of all the places and backgrounds we represent

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Varo TV

How to Switch Bank Accounts

At Varo, we believe everyone deserves a great bank account—fee free. We want to help

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How to Live Your Life Richly

As a kid, I remember learning that “six figures” is rich. Only rich people own

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Design Takes Center Stage

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This is the third and most often

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Saving, one spoonful at a time

76 million stories, a shared challenge in “getting by”. Lisa paused, glancing away from my

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Wet Socks and the Stock Market

We are obsessively focused on solutions that embrace human behavior and emotion, rather than just developing well-meaning products based solely on logical features. To be successful, we must incorporate our deep understanding of people’s relationship with money.