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  • No monthly account fees or minimums.

  • Payday up to two days early.¹

  • Contactless Varo Bank Visa Debit Card you can add to your digital wallets.

  • No fees at 40,000+ Allpoint ATMs in stores like Target, Walgreens, and CVS.²

  • Send or receive money for free with Zelle® right in your Varo app.

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Build credit the easy way with Varo Believe.³

  • Get a credit building credit card with no minimum upfront deposit once you qualify.

  • Build credit with everyday purchases while avoiding out-of-control debt.

  • No Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and no annual fees.

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Get ahead with varo advance

Get ahead with Varo Advance.

  • Borrow up to $250, if you qualify.

  • Cover bills and unexpected expenses.

  • Just a simple fee, and no interest or Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

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Get up to 6% Cashback with Perks.

  • Put more money back in your pocket.

  • Get special cashback deals with purchases from brands you already use.

  • You can use your Varo Bank debit card on eligible purchases to rack up real cash.

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Save faster with a sky-high APY on your savings account

  • Start earning 3.00% APY (Annual Percentage Yield)6, then qualify to earn 5.00% APY. That’s one of the highest savings rates in the country.7

  • Earn 5.00% APY on your balance up to $5,000.00 for next month by meeting these two requirements this month:8

    • Receive direct deposit(s)9 totaling $1,000 or more; and

    • End the month with a positive balance in both your Varo Bank Account and Savings Account.

  • You’ll continue to earn 3.00% APY on any additional balance above $5,000.00.

  • No fees, no minimum balance required.10